Chuckwagon Sally Wants to Report on a Trial

You know, sometimes you have to listen to those you care about and support their actions no matter what. Chuckwagon Sally has been pestering me about wanting to cover a real trial and I suppose she will do a good job, but I would prefer she just watch rather than comment. However, since she cooks the meals around here, we have to listen to her or else we go hungry and that ain’t gonna happen. I don’t mind not eating for a day or so, but the boys at the ranch sure would. So, without further ado, here’s Chuckwagon Sally’s commentary.

“Me and my best friend Geronimo and his side kick Pocahontas were sittin around the campfire stirring the beans and gettin ready to make the cornbread when the usual group of lawyers drove up.  I thought to myself “here we go again” and looked over at my best friend Geronimo and noticed that he had laid down and covered his eyes with his paws. Occasionally they get together and help each other prepare for trial.  Sometimes I enjoy watching and sometimes I feel like puttin exlax in their food to shut them up for a while.  I wonder which day this will be. As usual, they all start off by telling their war stories.

I personally am interested in a trial whereby an old hoghuntin acquaintance of mine is in jail facing murder charges. Now, it seems to me that when a feller comes to your house and physically threatens you that you should be able to defend yourself.  Lord knows that the crappy county that I reside in has a DA that is a dumbass in my opinion.  So, I can only imagine how Mrs. DA will handle this one.  At any rate, this is not the case under discussion with this group of lawyers.  So, my best friend Geronimo and his sidekick Pocahontas and I go about our business and leave the lawyers to conduct their business.

I would however, like to know what happens in my hoghunters trial for “justice” and how dumbass DA handles this one. I am asking y’all, the viewers to respond and encourage the following of this trial so I can be cut loose to report.

Chuckwagon Sally

And there you have it, in its raw form, Chuckwagon Sally’s request of you the readers. Hope you all have a nice day, I’m off to court.


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