It’s a New Beginning

News flash. This just in;  it’s a new beginning for all. I have no idea what I’m writing about, but I want to see if the snippet is catchy enough to grab your interest immediately. Somehow, I must tie this post to a jury trial and I will shortly.

So, it’s a new beginning; a new dawn of times when everything is fresh, until about one week into the new president’s tour of duty and then every media outlet will begin criticizing him immensely for anything he does or does not do. It seems that being president is a thankless job, you know you can’t just bomb Iran, contrary to the last president’s perception of world events, but decisions are going to be tough for him.

You must step into his shoes, not just criticize the brand he wears. It is extremely difficult to please everyone of his supporters and still not have the entire country mad at him for actions he takes. I wonder if judges feel this pressure on a much smaller basis.

I mean, here you suddenly are, elected to a post of trust and power and you do not want to abuse it, so you  begin your term as judge quite cautiously enough, when all of a sudden the promises you make to get elected just bite you in the ass. What do you do? Do you sell out to your backers, or do you hold true to your beliefs? I mean imagine coming out of the DA’s office and now sitting on the bench; your only training in law is what the DA taught you, how do you react? Those in the government would never lie to you, but those sneaky, lowlife criminal defense lawyers certainly will, or so your training has lead you to believe. Or what about those who came from the large insurance defense law firms, do you owe favors to your backers? Do you owe your soul to the corporations you made so much money from in the past? The very insurance company who is trying to deny this horribly disfigured individual the benefits he or she deserves and has paid for all his or her life? Aren’t you worried that you may not get reelected if you rule against those with money?

Man, it’s an awesome responsibility, one that I’m glad I don’t have. I mean, just think about it, even if you rule according to the law and show no favoritism, 1/2 of the people will love you and 1/2 of the people will think you’re a complete dolt, a paid off idiot with an ego the size of Texas. You’ll be thought of as having Christlike attributes in your body and soul for those that are happy with your rulings; you’ll be thought of as being the most compassionate, having the most intellectually brilliant insight to see right through the other side’s false arguments. Or do you try and please both sides, by not giving them exactly what they want, but trying to not make both sides completely mad at you?

Who’ll protect the judge? I mean the plaintiff has a lawyer and the defense has a lawyer, but what about the judge? Where the hell is his or her lawyer? Why don’t the judges get one, everyone else has a lawyer. Here we are judge, we leave you out here all alone, without someone to protect you, how do you feel? what about your fears? What if your party suddenly falls out of favor with the public and the “other” party is elected to the bench? You may be the greatest judge ever, and yet the public may vote your party out and the “other” in. Guess what, no job, no power, no prestige, no benefits, no retirement; suddenly just overhead and more overhead. How are you feeling now, judge?

Where is your protector?

I don’t give much advice to judges, because they usually don’t listen to me until I try a case in their courtroom, but if I can give any advice at all, it would be this:

1. Judge, I’ll protect you, and

2. Just be yourself; nothing more, nothing less.

Hope your lawyer will protect the judge, I’m off to court. Have a nice day everyone.

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