A Tribute to “Thug”, The World’s Greatest Hog Catch Dog

Man, it looks like I’ve lost my marbles again, writing a post about a dog and something to do with trials, but what the hell is a “hog catch dog”? Well, I’m going to start the story like this,, yesterday after I wrote my blog, I get a call from the Professor, another character yet to be introduced, telling me to meet him at the “shop” in 30 minutes and dress warm.

I immediately know that the plans to go see Clint Eastwood’s  flick at the moving picture show are vanishing, but this is much more important than watching actors on a flat screen. I can be in the action in real life. I gather some beef jerky that Chuckwagon Sally just made in the scaled down version of the dehydrator I bought for $10.00 and I’m off to the “shop”. I arrive there about 5 minutes later and meet some members of the gang,, there’s son-in-law, Matt, the professor and his grandson. The 4 wheelers are loaded on the trailers and we’re off down the road after breaking every rule in my diet by eating some donuts. We get on the road and go to a spot to wait for Doc, another character and when he arrives, we go to the country club farm to hunt hogs. For those of you that “play” golf, you’d never believe what wild hogs will do to a putting green or fairway until you actually see it. It ain’t a pretty sight.

At the country club farm, we meet the greatest hunter and guide I’ve ever known, Eagle Eye Jim and one of his friends, Sean, getting the dogs ready for the hunt. Now those of you who don’t know much about animals, understand that Eagle Eye cares more about his dogs than for probably most people on the face of the earth. Eagle Eye has been breeding hunting dogs for years and his dogs regularly win all sorts of awards and usually fetch the highest prices known to man if he sells one of his prize dogs. Now most of you don’t know this, but dogs are bred to do certain things besides sit on laps and drink out of toilets and then lick you. Dogs are bred to hunt and Eagle Eye’s dogs love to hunt.

Hunting with Eagle Eye and Doc is an experience, because they have a complete animal hospital that goes where ever they go. In case one of the dogs gets cut or injured, Doc, a vet, can operate immediately and I’ve seen him do that before. Saved the dog’s life.

If you think they just turn the dogs loose and let them go, you’ve got another thing or two coming. They put tracking collars on the dogs, Kevlar cut vests and then turn them loose. The tracking collars can track the dogs for over 10 miles and the cut collars and vests prevent the hog from goring the dog’s neck and cutting the artery.

A whole article can be written about the tracking collars, but we’d never get to hear about Thug. So, now you must understand that there are 2 types of dogs in a hunt, 1 is a tracking dog, who trails the hog’s scent and then follows it until it hits a hog. Once the dog hits a hog, it barks and the others run until the hog stops and turns around, called the bay. Once the bay is had, you then walk the catch dog, usually a pit bull mix, up near the hog and release it from its lead. The catch dog runs into the bay and grabs the hog by its ear, called a catch, and then you run in and tackle the hog and tie it up.  Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well, it’s not.

Thug is a catch dog I’ve never hunted with before, but Eagle Eye lets me walk him, or I should say he walks me. At the first bay, Flucie, Fat Dog, Ellie Mae, Ellie and Lucy bayed the boar and we walk up and I let Thug go. Thug immediately goes for the ear, the hog goes down and we rush in and hog tie it. When you rush in, you have to have a breaking stick to insert into the catch dog’s mouth to pry open the jaws of the catch dog for it to let go of the hog’s ear. Once you do that, you’d better have a good strong lead on the dog or he will just keep coming back on to the hog over and over again.

It always amazes me watching the catch dog, he or she always goes in and does his or her job and never lets go. If he or she did, you could get hurt real bad, but they never let go. So how does this relate to a jury trial? Sometimes I feel like I’m like Thug, I’m brought in for a specific purpose,, that is to try cases. I’d rather be in the action, the catch dog, than the chase and bay dogs, I’ll leave that for other “lawyers”, just let me be the catch dog.

If you are trained to do one job and do it over and over again, you get pretty dang good at it,, I hope your lawyer is like the catch dog in front of a jury and not a bay dog. Have a nice day, I’m off to court.


2 Responses to “A Tribute to “Thug”, The World’s Greatest Hog Catch Dog”

  1. fullbodytransplant Says:

    Brilliant, entertaining story. Thanks so much.

  2. lonaanins Says:

    I am unable to understand this post. But well some points are useful for me.

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