The Old Gang Rides Again

It is that time of year, time when the old gang gets together and rides again. Now we don’t actually ride horses or anything like that and the closest we come to actual riding is on the 4 wheeler or in the pickup getting to our destination. Well, maybe I might ride the tractor to feed hay, but anyway, the title makes for a good sounding story (metaphor), so here we go.

I wake at around 4:00 A.M. each morning to get going. I start the coffee and let Geronimo, Pocahontas and Baby outside for their morning business and whatever else they do and then I get the day started. Today I get to read numerous emails, and of course write my beloved blog, which I eagerly do. But today is different, today is a day when all our friends come around and we work on a case together. I hope it will be mine today, because I’ve got trial starting shortly. A serious automobile / truck collision with horrific injuries to my young client who is not at fault.

I always enjoy getting together with the old gang, preparing for trial, sharing the joys and disappointments that come with time passing us by so quickly and sitting around the campfire singing and telling stories. I enjoy Chuckwagon Sally’s cooking,  the company of good friends and above all, stories about battles we undergo; stories about life in general.

Today Youngster, Army Jack, Elder Statesman, Big Shot Barney and New Guy arrive on time and prepare for battle. Now you’ve never met New Guy, so I guess I’ll introduce him here. New Guy has been practicing law for nearly 10 years, but has yet to try his first case. I suppose he is very good at depositions and probably reads more law books searching for knowledge than any one of the gang, but until you step into the arena and do battle, you’ll never know who you are or what you are. New Guy is married with a child on the way and I take it he is very grateful to get out from underneath the misses because he emails me approximately 20 times a day asking if he can come to the next get together. Of course he can; any that don’t work for the government or represent banks, corporations or insurance companies are welcome at the campfire.

So we begin by talking about which case we will work on first and it’s funny how this thing works, because we all listen to New guy and decide that his “situation” is more important than anyone of our cases right now,,, so we begin working on New Guy and his relationship with the misses. Now here’s where it gets interesting, New Guy doesn’t even know we are working on him and yet when we finish, we all know he will be a better husband, father, spouse and incidentally, a better lawyer because of what we’ve done.

You know each time we look into the client’s story, we always look into the mirror and usually discover more about us,, we discover our likes and dislikes and we learn to connect with the client and the jury. But it all begins with us and ends with us, the stories we are called upon to tell require us to look into the mirror and we don’t always like what we see. We don’t always realize that getting to know the client’s story is really just getting to know us better, to discover more about us so that we can represent those who can’t better. Remember, it all begins with us,,, I hope your lawyer understands this simple concept and begins your story with him or her. Have a nice day, I’m off to the social event of the month,,, the auction at Rosebud.


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