DA Life Is Up To Her Tricks Again

You know, when a Judge orders you to do something in a case, you usually either do it or suffer the consequences, or so I think. It appears that is not always the case in one county where I work. I fear the unchecked power of this government agent on the fading rights of the citizens. I am under the impression that the court has ordered DA Life to turn over the government’s file to each defense attorney so that the accused can have a fair trial with no surprises. I mean, it only makes sense that those accusing you, the ordinary citizen, of some horrific act of doing wrong, should allow the accused citizen’s representative to examine and discuss the allegations at length with the accuser. That way, when the government’s ridiculous and frivolous allegations are exposed for what they are, one could stop the carnage and miscarriage of justice immediately.

So why is DA Life not disclosing anything in her file to me?  I suppose it’s a thousand things, none of which make any sense to me, except fear. I can imagine her sitting in her cozy office, surrounding by medals and proclamations from those in authority testifying to her incredicble job she is doing as the county’s ultimate top crime fighter and along comes this country bumkin, (ex big city lawyer) who routinely kicks her ass in front of a jury,, well it’s got to feel rather humiliating, rather embarrasing and something must be done immediately. Perhaps if I alter the battle field, this bumkin, (ex big city lawyer)  won’t win as much, she might think, or she might think that if she looses in trial, the voters might kick her out of office. I do not know what her fears are, but whatever they are, they are real to her and affect my clients. I can not allow this, yet it is a gift given to me by those that think they can alter the rules and still win. I call that cheating, but then again, I believe the star chamber died many centuries ago and in this day and age, we would never engage in a witch hunt.

I suppose that writing about it will dispel any anger that  I might have and certainly, in front of a jury, I can not attack the county’s top crime fighter with vengeance, so I’ll explore the gift given to me in front of the jury. I don’t know how yet, but I have a couple of days to figure it out.

Anyway, it’s back to the arena again shortly. I am not writing this in a humorous vein, because it’s serious. It could happen to you. What if your accusers remain anonymous and all the evidence the government has is kept from you until you appear before a jury, without having even the right to examine it? That could never happen in America, yet it does, not only for the people incarcerated in gitmo, but right here in small town Texas. Where will it end? I hope your lawyer has the courage to right the wrongs done by those in power. I’m off to court.


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