How Come Books Don’t Have Commercials?

It’s amazing to me the number of books I read on a daily basis. Oh sure, not the entire book, but how many books I am reading at once. You know, if we ever get rid of that efernal boob tube, we could become a nation of real individuals rather than who we are told we must be by corporate America.

As I read these wonderful books, I am not constantly interrupted by ads for Viagra, Coke, Pepsi, or Miler Lite. I am constantly aware of the books sponsors, they have none, and I must admit I rather enjoy that. I have not done this lately, but if you readers want to have some fun, try counting the number of commercials on the boob tube in say 1 hour and keep track of the categories. I mean there should be a category for male enhancement, a category for alcoholic beverages, a category for automobiles, a category for churches, and a category for pharmaceuticals. Feel free to add whatever other categories you desire. I bet you’d be surprised what ailments we now learn we have, what car we must drive, what beverage we must drink and what church we must attend.

I also see many other commericals informing me what I must be. I just want to be me, not some plastically enhanced, drug induced robot made up of all the boob tube commercials that are on today. How come they don’t have commericals for normal people? It might go something like this:

Announcer: Hey all you normal people out there, you really don’t need all these pills we push, You really don’t need to buy this vehicle or use this type of toothpaste combination mouthwash, you really don’t need to drink this particular alcoholic beverage, just be who you are before Madison Avenue got ahold of you. This is a public service message bought to you by Free America of Boob Tube Advertising.

There could be a scene set in the city where everyone else is a robot guided by the mandates of the boob tube and the desires of corporate America and all the lighting setting the mood would be gray. All the robots would have no expressions on their faces. Then there’d be a average Joe or Jill who is illuminated by sunlight all the time, traveling against the flow and wearing the expression that indicates he or she is happy. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? A unique individual who actually doesn’t listen to the mandates set out by Fox news. An unique individual who actually has interests in non advertised events, a person whose viewpoints aren’t skewed by corporate America, yes, a truly free person.

One might ask, how do you become that individual? READ BOOKS. Be yourself and others will appreciate you more and more. Contribute your uniqueness to the world, not some regurgitated snippet brought to you by Fox news and corporate America or whatever media you watch. Question events that seem too real, ones that only tell one side of the story. It is usually the story the particular news media wants to tell consistent with its own beliefs that is covered. By the way, what the hell is fair and balanced news when only one side is reported and the commentators always yell at the guests on the boob tube and call them ridiculous?

Anyway, I’m glad books don’t have commercials. The reason they don’t is very simple, if you actually read a book, it means you take the time to think and not always accept the truth as it is crammed down your gullet by those seeking a profit or an agenda.

How does this relate to trial? I used to see more and more books being brought into the jury assembly room by people, nowadays I see less and less. Most of the potential jurors just watch the boob tube provided to them now in the assembly room. How can an average Joe or Jill get a verdict against a giant corporation when their message and corporate philosophy appears on this boob tube constantly? Remember to read, read and read some more. Use your mind for independent thought not regurgitating some corporate belief and you’ll be a better trial lawyer and person. Have a nice day without Viagra, I’m off to file some ridiculous motion in court that the other side will yell about.


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  1. Andre Sammartino Says:

    Here’s a different take on this question:

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