Whatever Happened to Help?

Whatever happened to help is a topic I think about a lot. It seems today that everyone of us needs some help sometime. I wonder what would happen if there is no one out there who will help? What kind of world would we live in if this is the case? I suppose that everyone of us needs help paying our bills, hell who wouldn’t want help doing that? But more importantly, I suspect that each one of us needs some help on a much higher level.

Think of the times we are experiencing a loss of loved ones; is that not a time we need help just to get through the day? I mean what if your best friend is suddenly gone forever, never to return? How would you feel? Wouldn’t you want help? I know I sure would. But there is a catch, in order to get help, you probably have to give help. I mean more than the 50 cents given to the beggar on the street corner just to get rid of him, I mean some deep sincere help to someone who really needs it. Is that something you regularly do? I know I don’t, but I need to start doing more of this.

It seems my times of helping people are mostly in my area of training, not hog hunting, but in court. I am a warrior for justice for my clients. I stand up for them when they can not. I help them get justice for their wrongs. I am always there for my clients in court, but not always out of court. Sure, I might answer an occasional question about the law for someone who wants an answer at no charge, but that’s about it. I confine my interests in law to court and receiving justice one client at a time.

I must admit that I do not like asking for help, it seems to be a sign of weakness in Texas, but I still do and generally people respond. Oh sure, if I ask every reader to send me just $1.00 to P.O. Box 131636, Houston, Texas 77219, I doubt that I would get any help, but I’ll ask anyway.

Anyway, enough kidding around, the real point of this post is to recognize that in your time of need you feel this powerful emotion of needing help. In a jury trial, your client needs help, a very powerful emotion indeed. Wouldn’t it be great if somehow you could actually invoke that shared feeling of helplessness in every juror and give them the power to help your client?  I’m off to court. Have a nice day.


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