Back To Law Again

Well it’s that time of year. It’s time to get back to practicing law again. I look forward to going to court this year and it starts today. I will go into court in a small county and I hope the judge will appoint me a new case. I would like to be appointed to an accused who is not afraid to seek justice. I want someone who has not had his or her dreams shattered by some ineffective lawyer before. I want a client who is willing to go to trial and to trial we shall go.

We all have fantasies, we all have escapes that we use in life to cope with what ever pressures we create on ourselves. Some of us use alcohol or drugs, some of us binge, some of us use other methods of escape, but we all have them in us. We are creatures of habit. Those habits are usually formed when we are very young. Perhaps our parents, siblings or school age kids were mean to us and we devised a way to escape the seemingly endless torture, but we all devise methods to do so. And we still use these methods today.

It amazes me that after all these years, I still use the very methods I use as a child to escape. I just change the parameters. Instead of super powers, I now want to buy things. I believe that owning these things will bring me satisfaction immediately. Usually they do for only a brief second or so. As a child, I think the super human powers will right a wrong that is being done on me. I know all of us have this fantasy either as a child or  later in life. I believe that this fantasy evolves to fit the moment we are trapped in. We want to be whisked away to be free, to right this terrible wrong being done to us. We all want justice and we want it now.

So how does this bizarre post relate to a jury trial? If you can harness the power of righting a wrong in yourself and communicate that wrong to the jury on behalf of your client, everyone will do the same about righting the wrong. They will right a wrong being done to your client; hence justice. Hope you all have a nice day, I’m off to court.


One Response to “Back To Law Again”

  1. lawmom555 Says:

    My superhero alter ego is Wonder Woman. I have several pictures of her above my desk. Wonder Woman is my superhero because 1) she developed her powers all by herself (no one gave them to her), 2) she was one of the original members of the League of Justice, AND 3) her weapon is the “lasso of truth.” Pretty cool, huh?

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