Why Are There So Many Sales Now?

So why are there so many sales now? I still find it amazing that almost every store has a sale going on this time of year. I mean, was the Christmas season really so bad? Why are the items I want on sale now when I couldn’t get them before at any price?

I mean everything that I don’t need is suddenly on sale for less than ever. Hell, they’re practically giving it away. One small problem though, no money. Oh well, I guess I’ll either have to rearrange my budget or do without. Some stores have lay aways, some don’t. I suppose that’s fair, because the store still gets their money eventually.

I am wanting to buy a food dehydrator to make jerky. Now understand, not just any food dehydrator. I am envisioning tons of jerky being made by this machine. I price around and the one I have my eye on is from Cabela’s. It is a huge oven-like machine, capable of dehydrating several pounds of meat at once. And besides, it’s on sale this week. I must have my jerky making machine at all costs. I can justify in my mind why I need this gigantic machine and I can even do without paying some bills this month. I must buy this state of the art, top of the line jerky machine. End of story. I will sacrifice to have this machine. I will do without things to have this machine. Besides, it comes with free shipping to the store. I can go either to Austin or Fort Worth to pick it up.

It’s amazing to me the mind set I get into to justify something I really don’t need. I could pay off some high interest cards and yet, I want to buy more and more. Why? Is it because this machine is on back order? Is it because of scarcity that I demand this product? Is it because of prestige? I mean, who else would have a machine this size unless you’re a commercial vendor? Is it because I just want and want with no end in sight? Whatever the reason, I need to examine this behavior? Have the Gods of marketing gone nuts? Have they hypnotized me into justifying this purchase?

I really need to examine this behavior closely. Is this something that can be useful in jury trials? Is the principle of scarcity one that could work in trial? Is the feeding frenzy one that could work in damage awards? What if several of these concepts are incorporated into a jury trial? Could we receive a positive result? How can I try this and not hurt a real live client? Could I do a focus group to examine this behavior?

I wonder how many of you readers feel the same way about something you want? Will you justify having it, even using extreme  logic? Will you sacrifice to get what you want? And after you get it, will you even use it? Do you use the comparison, (you know, this model is really better and has more features than the stripped down cheaper model) or scarcity, (it’s not going to be available forever at that price) principles in your justification of something you want?

I must relate this post to a jury trial and here’s how. If you closely examine your own behaviors, you might just find the mirror at work with others on the jury.


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