I Learn More From My Dogs Than From Any Scholar

I feel that when you read the title of this blog, you probably think that I am crazy, but it’s true, I learn more from my dogs than I ever do from any scholar. I watch my dogs and see that they do not corrupt their natural instincts with teachings to make them who they are not. I notice my dogs just do what dogs do, they don’t try and rationalize their behavior. They chase cats, they smell things, they eat and they sleep.

I do not see my dogs getting advanced degrees in finance, economics or business. They survive, they enjoy life and they are happy. The 3 dogs play a lot, they hunt, they run and they congregate in a pack that they form. All what these dogs are to do. I do not see them worrying about their credit scores, buying things to make their lives more dependent on technology, nor using a telephone for communication.

The dogs just enjoy their life. They are natural at it. No one attempts to make them into something they are not. No one attempts to fashion them after themselves, they are unique individuals. No one attempts to teach them unnatural things to do. They do not train to eat with a knife and fork, they just eat when they are hungry. They don’t care about the current financial crisis, nor do they care about the latest winner of survivor on that boob tube. They are natural, perfect dogs.

They don’t have any time clock to punch. They don’t lie. They don’t rationalize their dislikes about others who are different from them. They let a new member earn his or her position in their pack. They do not pay a new member to become a fellow or a professor in their pack. They don’t care what university or school of hard knocks the new members graduates from. They don’t care what pedigree the new member has or where the new member goes to school.

I really learn a lot from my dogs, more so than any professor I have ever “studied” under. I see nature at its finest, not some fancy saddle on a $10.00 horse. I see a thoroughbred, a $10,000.00 horse in its natural form, not a $5,000.00 saddle on a $10.00 horse.

I hope your lawyer is natural, not some $10.00 nag with a $5,000.00 saddle, but a thoroughbred, a $10,000.00 horse with a $100.00 saddle. Have a nice day, I’m off to the library.


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