Fantastic Trial Results

I am getting reports from all over the country from lawyers who attend the Trial Lawyers College of fantastic trial results. Incredible verdicts in medical malpractice cases, several not guilty verdicts, several policy or above limits verdicts in insurance cases. These are but a few of the results coming in, there are several more, including record verdicts against giant corporations for despicable acts against humanity.

Verdicts against the government’s wishes in criminal cases, verdicts against those giant oppressors of humanity called corporations, verdicts against insurance companies,,, all deserved. But that is the only justice these terribly disfigured individuals will ever see. I mean, who would trade a leg or an eye for say $250,000.00? I know I wouldn’t.

What we must do is punish these horrific acts of senseless killing and maiming by removing the arbitrary limits on damages, called tort deform. What we must do is give lawyers power to attack and correct the wrongs feathered against the innocent. Can you imagine what would be the result if lawyers could sue banks and corporations for their atrocious crimes without any limits on the damages? Would we even be in a recession / depression? Oh sure, we can sue them and they will pay a measly $250,000.00 to continue to steal $55,000,000,000.00. Who can blame these nameless, faceless entities? Profit is their only motive.

They lie, they steal, they take my retirement, they laugh all the way to the bank, and then get a $750,000,000,000.00 bailout. Why not allow the true guardians of freedom to do their job? Do you think that they would steal if it cost them say $500,000,000.00? I think not. Let the lawyers free. Let us do our jobs. It is the complacency of this country run by giant corporations and insurance that allow us to limit their own actions. They advertise heavily on TV. A handful of lawyers make a billion and we cry, but banks, corporations and insurance companies steal $1,000,000,000,000.00, (I think that’s enough zeros) each year and we allow it. WHY?

I say turn the lawyers loose. Let us do our jobs. The philosophy of the Trial Lawyers College is to represent those injured by giant corporations and insurance companies, to represent those who big government is out to get. We do not represent corporations, banks or insurance companies. We do not prosecute cases. We represent the oppressed, the injured, the hopeless, the be-damned, the weak, the underdog. Turn us loose.

The trial results I write about occurring over the country can happen here if we let it. I mean, think about the horrific injuries that go unpunished. Just wait until it happens to you or your family. Listen to the lawyer say you can only get $250,000.00 or maybe $750,000.00 if we are lucky and the higher courts do not throw out the verdict. I mean, after all that’s what your son’s, daughter’s, wife’s, husband’s life is worth. Nothing more. Sorry about that. Remember you voted these limits in, you can vote them out, the lawyer says, but until it is changed, we can’t get anything more for your loss. Take this money instead of your loved ones. THAT’S THE ONLY JUSTICE YOU’LL EVER GET. It doesn’t matter that the giant corporation made $12,000,000,000.00 this quarter and will never have to correct the defect that caused your loss. Wouldn’t we all rather have just more time with our loved ones instead? Wouldn’t we rather have the our loved ones back, rather than some stupid paper?

I hope every lawyer who does not represent big corporations, insurance or government can go to the Trial Lawyers College. It can and will make a difference in the way justice is dispensed in this country. I hope you are lucky enough to have a lawyer who went to the Trial Lawyers College. I’m off to jail.


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