Chuckwagon Sally’s New Gun

Well it finally happened. Chuckwagon Sally opened one of her Christmas presents and it is a new skeet shotgun. I got her a 20 gauge Weatherby semiautomatic skeet shotgun. I know she really likes this present, but she claims not to know anything about guns. (I think she wants to be like that governor of Alaska). I tell her that’s okay, just remember the rattlesnakes she shot last summer with her .410 gun and this is better.

We are in one of those fancy sporting goods store the other day and Chuckwagon Sally says she wants to shoot skeet. So I buy her a skeet machine. Not a fancy one, but one that will work nonetheless. I also buy some clay pigeons for her to shoot. Now these aren’t really clay bird lookalikes, they are really just disks made out of clay for all of those who do not know.  Chuckwagon Sally thinks she can shoot the 12 gauge shotgun I got her many years ago, but  I know that will bruise her shoulder and she needs a smaller gun with less kick. Hence the Weatherby 20 gauge. Remember the smaller the gauge, the bigger the gun and the more powerful the ammunition, hence the bigger the kick when you shoot it.

So anyway, it is time to set the machine up and let her shoot a few shots. I set it up and she begins shooting at the clay pigeons. At first, she misses a few, then gradually, with practice, she gets better and better. She actually hits most of the clay pigeons that are thrown. The truth of the matter is she is a pretty good shot when she practices at it. Over and over she shoots and guess what, no shoulder bruise.

So what does this have to do with trials? It’s simple, the more you practice, the better you get, especially when you have the right equipment. Hope your lawyer has the right equipment for your case. I’m off to feed the heifers.


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