It’s Christmas Day

Good morning everyone, it’s Christmas day. Time for everyone to hopefully have those wonderfully wrapped presents we’ve all been dreaming about placed neatly under the brightly decorated tree. Time for the beautiful memories to flow and time to reconnect with family and friends.

Now here at the ranch, we don’t have a tree decorated inside the main spread. Why not, you ask? Well it appears that Baby and Geronimo enjoy marking their turf and what better place to mark than some smelly tree? I’m afraid that they would get the shock of their life if they marked the tree with the lights on. Anyway, I’m sure that Baby, Geronimo and Pocahontas would unwrap every present placed under the tree, thinking of course, that the presents are only for them.

Now we always have a big meal. Chuckwagon Sally usually begins cooking a week before and this Christmas is no exception. I believe that an army could be fed on what she prepares and I know I’ll gain more weight.  So anyway, now to the loot.

I have been very fortunate this year and receive many wonderful gifts for Christmas. Mostly manly stuff, but an occasional useful item.  I mean, there’s the night hunting lights, the new guns, the new library books to read, the new clothes, the new toys and on and on the list goes. I really appreciate the items. I also receive many licks to the face from Baby, Geronimo and Pocahontas.  I’m not so appreciative of those, but they mean well I suppose. Butterball and his siblings let me pet them and the other cats at least don’t run away from me now. The cows bring several new calves to the mixture and I’m sure there are several new and pesky hogs also this Christmas season.

Anyway, enough of that.  Please take the time to express your love for someone this season. I hope you all have a great Christmas day and wonderful new year. I suppose that this relates to trials because you never know what gifts the jury will give you, unless your nice and allow it to happen. I’m off to play.

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