It’s Darn Near Christmas

It seems like this is the time of year that we’re supposed to have peace, joy and happiness on this round ball of dirt we call earth. I suppose everyone has their own favorite Christmas memory and mine is the Texaco firetruck memory. Many of you at the Trial Lawyers College know that story. I am preparing for the holiday as best as I can given the current economic affairs, but it is a strain.

I often wonder what it is like for my clients who are in jail without their loved ones. What must they feel? I mean there Christmas meal is something like reconstituted Spam or worse and the only family they have may be the snitch in the cell with them. How on earth do you expect them to have a decent Christmas when they are not allowed to go outside and taste freedom? How about those whose family are in a different country? How about those who are so horribly injured that they can not provide for their family? They can not buy even the simplest present for their children. Those who the big business / money stole their livelihood?  How horrible it must be. I mean isn’t it the measure of a man to provide for his family? What must it be like to ask for help from strangers? Wouldn’t it just be easier to “borrow” something for my family, they might ask?

What about the innocent children? Waking up to no presents, no tree, maybe no food? Why should they be punished? What example does that set when the neighbors have toys and they don’t? Perhaps these innocent children might just “borrow” something for themselves. I don’t know, it just saddens me. I guess I shouldn’t complain about my situation, but I do anyway. It makes me feel better.

So here we are at Christmas and everyone has their own favorite memories. How does that relate to a jury trial? Well it seems that we all have this common experience of Christmas and if we can use it in our client’s story and then relate it to the jury, we are well on our way to winning. Hope your lawyer has his or her favorite Christmas memory. I’m off to town.


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