Chuckwagon Sally Writes Again

Well the readers have spoken. Here’s another article by Chuckwagon Sally.

I have been asked to write another article for y’all and I have thought long and hard about my topic.  It was during that thought process that some lawyers (or as my dad used to call em liars) drove up.  And there it was –  my topic.

My best friend, Geronimo and his side kick Pocahontas, and I were sittin around the fire waitin for my world famous chili to finish cookin when one of the liars got out of his suburban dressed in some kind of GI Joe outfit wearing boots that you could tell hadn’t seen much dirt.  Around his waist was a knife about 2 feet long and not 1, but 2 canteens.  Geronimo and I looked at this man like he was out of his damn mind when Youngster piped up and explained that he had invited a few friends up for hog huntin.

Another man popped out of this vehicle (at least he was dressed normally) and a couple of kids (of college age).  The kids had never shot a gun before, the normal dressed man was a FBI agent, (so I assumed that he could shoot) and ol GI Joe popped out an assault rifle.  When I saw this group I just rolled my eyes and happened to glance over at my best friend Geronimo and his head was tilted to the right and his face had an extremely confused expression on it.

The gang went over to the tank and Youngster was teaching the kids to shoot before puttin them in a stand.  GI Joe couldn’t hit the side of a barn if he was ten feet from it and the FBI guy was a good shot.  Now, keep in mind that Youngster (the teacher of the kids) is a really shitty shot too.  I had a pretty good idea that the hogs were in no danger tonight.

I went over and said hey to all but could not stand all of the testosterone speaking.  It did not take a rocket scientist to figure out that they were all full of it.  So, ol Geronimo, Pocahontas and I went back to reality (the campfire and chili – we knew we would eat that night).

The guy’s all headed out to their respective stands to await the “big game” hunt.  I had to make sure that ol GI Joe’s canteens were full as they would be less than a mile away from  drinking  water which they could get on the 4 wheeler and get to it in less than 2 minutes.

Geronimo, Pocahontas and I were sittin around the fire and waited and waited and heard no shots.  Finally, a shot was fired, we did not know who shot but, finally a shot.  A short time later the guys came back and I asked,”well, where are all the hogs?”  It was obvious that they didn’t have any but, I had to ask.  They answered that they had several shots but kept waiting for the other guy to take the shot.  I told them “hell, why didn’t y’all all bust loose and shoot?”  They were silent.  It was at that moment that I thought to myself,  thank god that they are lawyers because they sure as hell couldn’t survive any other way.

As they headed out to eat (which I was invited but chose the company of my dog’s instead), I figured that ol GI Joe would be the laughing stock of the town.  And sure enough,  I heard about it first thing the following morning.

I guess the moral to this story is short and sweet; don’t bullshit if you can’t deliver.

Y’all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Chuckwagon Sally and her best friend Geronimo (and Pocahontas too).


One Response to “Chuckwagon Sally Writes Again”

  1. Heidi Rafferty Says:

    I tried leaving a comment earlier via alpha inventions but not sure if it was processed. Decided to leave you one more comment by clicking on your site and linking up directly!
    This is a great blog, and I am really enjoying it. I’ll be back!
    Heidi Rafferty
    Harrodsburg, Kentucky

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