Time For Court

This morning it’s time for court. I am getting ready to face the efernal rants of some delusional presecutor, the impossible demands of those who have power against those who do not. I will appear in the courts and my clients, who are all in custody just want one thing,,, to go home today. They do not care that they are innocent. They do do care they are being held wrongfully. They just want to go home to their families. Yes, they have families. They have names, they have homes, they have children, they have spouses, they want out.

I imagine the scene will go something like this; the clients will be happy to see me in court, but their questions will all be the same, “can you get me time served?” Or “can you get me probation?”  “I’m not guilty, it’s all a big misunderstanding, but I want to go home. I need to be at home with my family and my children. I miss them. I want out so I can go back to school this semester. Just get me out.”

On an on the pleas go, all the while the persecuting attorney knows he or she can easily get a guilty plea. End of story. They now have a conviction without any work. They have a con, who when he or she gets in trouble again, they can increase the punishment, because they didn’t learn their lesson the first time. It’s really terrible that this county works like this, but then again, everyone knows just because officer Neverwrong arrested them, they must be guilty as charged.

I have yet to see an apology from the government when “they” are found not guilty by a jury. I have yet to see officer Neverwrong write an apology letter to “them” after they are freed. I have yet to see any “victim” ever charged with a crime after the criminal is freed, mistakenly of course, by a jury. WHY?

You know, it’s Christmas time and yet I’ll bet no DA gives someone that gift of dismissal of charges this year. I’ll bet no insurance company writes that big check to cover damages right now.

I’d like to see a new year bring changes in the system. I’d like to see the accused appear in front of the judge in 7 or less days, preferable 3 days. I’d like to see the accused appointed attorneys right away, not later. I’d like to see those in power have to work to keep those who are charged with a crime in jail or convicted. It’s time to do something about it, but convincing the locals to do things differently is something I need some help with. Perhaps the readers have this same problem and could offer suggestions. I know about 43,000 or so individuals who would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for any suggestions, I’m off to court.

One Response to “Time For Court”

  1. Brent Ratekin Says:

    If my client tells me that he is not guilty, then I will not let him plead guilty. If he wants to plead guilty then he will have to get another attorney. I believe that it is unethical to plead a client to a crime that he says he did not commit for the sole purpose of getting him out of jail quicker. The court that I practice in does not accept plea bargains for this reason. The only reason for someone to plead guilty in this court is that they are in fact guilty. Not so that they can get out of jail in time for the holidays.

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