Back Home Again

You know, there’s just something special about being back home again. I don’t know what, but I believe it has to do with being in familiar surroundings, having all the comforts of home at your fingertips. I really enjoy my trip to Fort Worth this weekend, but I must say, I’m happy to get back home.

I write often about change and the absolute necessity for it and yet I’m a creature of habit. I really want things to remain the same. I really want the surroundings to be constant. I am certain that I do not experience any growth while I’m in familiar surroundings, but I feel safe and secure. It’s makes me lazy and complacent. If I’m honest with myself, I do not care about personal growth or much of anything else, I just want comfort.

Anyway, I miss Baby, Geronimo, Pocahontas and Chuckwagon Sally. I miss the yelping of the coyotes. I miss the calls of the cows and calves. I miss the solitude of  the ranch. I miss the ability to be alone with my thoughts, but most of all, I miss home.

I do not know of any genetic imprint that requires me to remain here and I believe that if I grew up in say, New York city, I’d miss that as my home. Maybe not, but I’d probably long for the familiar sounds and sights that have become my life as I know it.   I am certain that almost everyone feels that way. I believe that it is a common shared life experience among all. Everyone of us misses home. Whether it be our childhood home or our now deeply embedded roots in our new home, we miss it when we are not there.

We miss the part of our life where we are familiar, whether it be in Texas or anywhere else. We desire to have those feelings of home again and again and again. Why do you think when visiting the relatives, we can’t wait to get home? Maybe on the surface it’s because we don’t enjoy the tribe’s company, but isn’t it really because we miss the things that make us who we are? Isn’t it really about missing familiar surroundings? Ask yourself this, can’t I wait to get “home” to sleep in my own bed? Can’t I wait to see my tribe that I now belong to?

I suppose those of you who really answer these questions truthfully already know the answer, we want our familiar world around us because we then feel safe. We don’t have to be afraid, we don’t have to worry about getting lost or getting robbed or whatever our fears might be. In our home, we know where we belong and what’s out of place immediately. We have some control, we are in charge. In unfamiliar surroundings, we are like a fish out of water, scared, insecure and frightened.

Now I don’t want anyone to think that I’m against change, but I believe there is an important trial lesson to be learned here from these life observations. I believe that your jury is one who wants to go home, to be in familiar surroundings. Now we can’t tell in the short time we are together, what the jurors home life is like, but we can understand the universal need to be at home as it relates to our life and theirs.

What I’m saying is this folks, remember the feeling you have when you want to be at home,,, if you can find a way to share that feeling with the jury so that they can experience that feeling also, you have connected with them and are well on the way to winning. Hope you all have a nice day, I’m off to court.


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