How Do We Say Goodbye?

Now I’ve never been one to enjoy saying goodbye to friends and family, but sometimes you just have to. I remember a time this summer when I am being blessed with the opportunity to be in Wyoming at the Trial Lawyers College and it became our time to say goodbye to everyone there. I really didn’t want to leave. I mean, it is the most wonderful safest place I’d ever been. I am feeling trepidation as I am leaving, knowing the bond we formed among each other is tremendous, yet knowing there is something I must do out there. So it is now time to say goodbye to all those wonderful people I met and spend time with during the last month and it is never easy. I remember a lot of sobbing, hugs and promises to stay in touch, which we have done, but also a feeling that this wasn’t goodbye but a beginning of something very new and exciting. I promise you that is the case. A goodbye doesn’t have to be forever, it’s just something we do until we say hello again the next time.

So here we are at this seminar in Fort Worth, many friends of mine from the College’s class I graduated in and many other members all here in the big circle, winding down this seminar. I am so proud to have met these new friends and reacquainted with the old ones, that I really don’t want to leave, but must until the next time we get together. And that’s what it is all about; a new beginning with new friends, (and old ones) who are now closer in distance than those I had the wonderful opportunity to meet this summer.

How does that relate to a jury trial? At some point you have to trust the jury with your client’s story and if you’ve told it correctly, you will be successful,, you will win your client’s case. You just have to say goodbye. Hope everyone has a wonderful day, I’m off on another adventure until we met again.


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