How Do You Sleep When Everyone Snorzes?

I am at a seminar near Fort Worth, Texas and the dorm room I’m in has the most outrageous group of noises after dark that has ever been assembled. I describe my next door neighbor as “chainsaw” who sleeps in the bed next to me on my right side. On my left side is “jackhammer” who is sound asleep in his single bed. Down the row we go, meeting “jet engine”, “nitro fuel dragster” and finally, “earthquake”.

Now it is amazing to me that all these fellows are able to sleep in the same room at all, what with the noise ordinance in Fort Worth and all. I’m surprised that the police don’t come and ticket us for violations. Anyway, it starts as a nice get together for all involved, but quickly deteriorates into a free for all, seeing who can make the loudest sounds. I really just want to sleep, but seeing as I left the big city noises for the occasional cry of the coyote, I just can’t seem to get to sleep.

I don’t want to be one to take drugs to get to asleep, but in this case it may be necessary. Maybe I can get a nap during the seminar. Anyway, several of my close friends are here and I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to visit with them.

I am able to meet another person at the breakfast room who can not sleep either and we begin to talk about life and trials. It seems she does employment law and I don’t know much about that, but I am interested in it. I guess I’ll have to learn a little about it as it may come in handy some day. She’s from Philadelphia and seems to be dedicated to making the world a better place, one lawyer at a time. I admire her ethics and hope I can be in her small group working on a case.

Today, we break into small groups to work on our cases that we have and we get ideas from some of the greatest lawyers in the country about them. It is quite an honor to be involved in this group. Well, I still don’t know if I’ve answered the question I ask, but I’ll tell you how it relates to trial. It seems in trial, I don’t get much sleep because the stakes are always so high, that I live on adrenalin. I guess that’s what I’ll have to do here as I’m here to learn to be a better trial lawyer,,, not how to sleep. Hope you all have a nice day, I’m off to help others prepare for trial.


One Response to “How Do You Sleep When Everyone Snorzes?”

  1. Dave Tarrell Says:

    one lesson I learned at the ranch: stick a few sets of earplugs in your medicine kit. I had some, luckily, and slept well. Great to meet you.

    Dave Tarrell

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