Why Is My Computer Taking So Long To Load?

I don’t understand it at all. I have this “lighting fast, super heavy duty computer” and yet it moves slower than frozen molasses on a frozen morning. I do not understand technology. I paid for this fast machine and I feel my mule could beat it to town in a flat out race against time. I guess, I’m like millions of other Americans, I want it NOW, not an hour from now.

It seems to me that this should be the topic of a post, so I guess I’ll write about it and how it relates to jury trial.  I imagine that you readers might wonder how in earth this could relate to a jury trial? Well, I’ll tell you. In today’s society, it seems we want everything given to us at the speed of light or faster. That efernal boob tube is always inferring to us that the latest and greatest technological device increases speed and somehow that equates with happiness for the viewer or user of the product advertised heavily on TV.

I must say that I too want to receive things faster and it frustrates me if my computer doesn’t deliver my emails at the speed of light or if the refresher button doesn’t immediately produce a new image when I hit it. But the same is not true of a jury trial.

You see, a jury trial is nothing more than simply telling a story about your client and his or her life experience. The key to being a great story teller and hence a great trial lawyer, is to tell the story so that it  keeps the interest of the audience and the audience then is empowered to give justice for your client. I know that these stories are never told at light speed, but told at a pace that is comfortable and enjoyable. I hope your lawyer knows how to tell an enjoyable story. I’m off to Fort Worth.


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