Small County Justice

Why is everyone in such a hurry today? It appears to me that most Judges are interested in getting the cases moved through their court house quicker than hot grease through a downhill pipe. I am always in shock at how fast these administers of justice want you to quickly present your case and then move on to the next case. I must be from the back woods, because I think justice is for the client, not for the Judge. I mean, so what if the Judge has to work. What is wrong with working? Isn’t that their job?

I am very careful about conducting a trial. I want to make sure that my client wins, not finishes second. If the time it takes to present the case properly is longer than the Judge would desire, I say, too bad. I am only interested in my client’s day in court, not some artificial timetable the Judge has set up.

Now what I notice in small counties is this, the Judges as a whole are not wanting to move the cases as quickly as say the Judges in Houston. By that I mean, most of the Judges in smaller counties let the lawyers take their time to present their case. Some of the Judges in Houston find it a great imposition if you take more than 10 minutes selecting your jury. I say, too bad.

I often wonder if the framers of the constitution say that the courthouse is only built for the Judges’ convenience and not the client. It seems to me that these authors intend to let the people use the courthouse for trials, not some Judge use it for personal gain. Maybe I’m wrong, but maybe not.

Now before any of you think I’m just Judge bashing, I’m not. I really want to ask you, who’ll protect the Judge? The answer is I’ll do it. Each Judge has his or her own problems and should not be looked down upon simply because they have a job to do. Remember, 1/2 of the people that appear before him or her are going to be happy and 1/2 are going to be upset. That’s the simple math. One day you may be very happy with the Judge and the next you may not be. Each Judge is a unique individual who has unique problems in their own lives. I do not pretend to know as much about the Judges as some other lawyers do, I just know each man or woman is a unique individual and for whatever reason is shaped by his or her life experiences. I want you to understand that the man or woman is who they are, not some perfect individual who administers justice correctly every time.

I hope your lawyer understands that each Judge is a unique individual and if we look closely into the mirror, we will see ourselves. I’m off to court.

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