A Trip to Austin

It seems this time of year, I’m always heading somewhere and today I’m off to Austin with Chuckwagon Sally. Being told where we are going is one thing, but preparing to get there is another. You see, Chuckwagon Sally’s oldest friend lives in Austin and apparently, I get to go with her. I think it may be because I know how to drive in traffic or maybe because I am to keep Chuckwagon Sally company on this trip. Now we don’t go the conventional way, we always find the back roads. It is interesting to note how we get there and I’ll describe it as this:

You go to Cameron turn right at the old Exxon station, Mexican restaurant / doctor’s clinic and go to the “He Ain’t Here” bar and turn left. Now you stay on that road for approximately a good long time until you come to the pecan grove at Bud Adam’s ranch. Make sure you slow down, because it’s hilly and you never know what animal will be on the road. You go to the 4 way and continue straight to San Gabriel then hang an immediate left. You go ’bout 1 mile and turn right to Hare and then turn left to Thorndale.  After Thorndale, you turn right to Taylor then take the bypass around to Thrall. You go on through Thrall to Taylor, Hutto, Frame Switch and then Round Rock. From there it’s a straight shot to Austin.

You’ve got to be careful on these back roads that you don’t run off the 1 lane pavement and if you make the wrong turn, you may end up in someone’s pasture. Also, you shouldn’t go over 85 MPH on these roads as you might meet tractors round the bend, etc.

Now I’m pretty sure that the GPS on the pickup doesn’t have these roads listed. In fact, I’m sure that the course we take isn’t on the maps. Even my fancy new fangled cell phone doesn’t show these roads / trails we will take. This is just the fastest, shortest way to Austin, learned to us by the “locals”, whatever that means. All I know is it works very well, but I do not recommend it to novices. I wouldn’t attempt it without 4 wheel drive.  Also, we have jacks, spare tires, tools and something to eat and drink along the way, in short, we are prepared for the journey.

Anyway, what I’m saying is this; there are many ways to get to your final destination, just find one that works for you and you are comfortable with. That’s how you should feel with your lawyer, comfortable that he or she will get you there and that they are prepared for anything along the way. Besides this journey takes us along some of the most beautiful scenery in the land, something you won’t ever get along the interstate. I hope your lawyer knows how to prepare for a journey. Hope you all have a wonderful day, I’m off to Austin.

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