Trials, Guns and Roses

Huh? Well, I told you all the other day that interesting titles get more viewers and Guns and Roses is, I believe the name of a band. I’m not sure how to explain this but I’ll try. It seems like every trial I do is an interesting story. One you want to hear. A catchy phrase like the above is generally like the snippet I use to get attention focused on the story itself.

There is an old saying that goes something like this, “If you can’t say your message in 30 seconds or less, don’t bother.” I believe that saying has some weight. It is amazing to me that most jurors are used to 30 second messages, (i.e. commercials) and it helps your case if you can get a theme or message out there in 30 seconds or less. I listen (or really fallen asleep), when my opponent launches into a long closing without keeping it interesting. I can only imagine what the jury is thinking. How terrible it must be to try and get your message across when no one is really listening to you the speaker. Has anyone else felt that?

I often wonder what would happen if Mr. Life wanted to snuggle with his wife and launched into his typical 30 minute lecture about why they should snuggle? I don’t know about you all, but I know I could ask that question in 30 seconds or less and the results will be given to me quickly. Do you suppose the jury wants the questions asked in 30 seconds or less? Do you suppose you could get your point across in 30 seconds or less?

Think of your opening or closing as a TV plug for an upcoming series that is an hour long. How would you best describe your hour long opening or closing? Wouldn’t it be best to have some great catch line that gets everyone’s attention? I mean, isn’t that what those folks on TV do? Don’t they just entice you to want to see their show? Do they show the highlights instead of the whole plot? You know, it kinda makes sense, now doesn’t it?

Now as you can tell the title to this story has nothing to do with the post, except it somehow gets your attention better than say, “How to scientifically get the jury to listen to your story without telling the entire story in the beginning of your incredibly boring talk to the jury who are really just plain common folk who want to hear your boring narrative, you hope and certainly your client hopes also, without offending them or agitating them, but steering them to do justice, which is what your client ultimately desires and deserves form this group of ordinary citizens, you hope”.

I hope I made my point in 30 seconds or less and I hope your lawyer knows about this. Have a wonderful day. Oh by the way, I want to thank all who responded to my request for help with Chuckwagon Sally’s birthday presents. Thank you all very much.

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