Chuckwagon Sally’s Birthday

Well Happy Birthday, Chuckwagon Sally. We at the ranch don’t know how old Chuckwagon Sally is and we don’t have the courage to ask, we have just been informed that December 7th is her birthday. Now you must understand that Chuckwagon Sally is a fixture on the ranch and probably will remain one forever. I don’t suppose that a day goes by when Chuckwagon Sally isn’t doing something nice for the animals, men and neighbors, so we want to do something nice for her.

Many of the men thought Chuckwagon Sally might like one of them fancy days at the spa, but we could never agree on that. There is talk about buying her some sort of jewelry, but no one seems to know what to buy. We converse about buying kitchen items, but we are afraid that might send the wrong message. So we have this problem and no way to solve it. You see, the men at the ranch generally do not know much about buying things for women and Chuckwagon Sally ain’t just no woman, she’s much more than that.

So you ask what do we do? I answer, I don’t know what to do. I’m afraid if I get her another dog, she’ll not like that present. If I buy her jewelry, she might not like that. If I give her cash and tell her to buy whatever she wants, she might think I did not care enough to take the time to buy the right gift. I guess I’m stuck and don’t know what to do.

So here’s the deal, I’ll let the readers rescue me. Please make suggestions about what to get Chuckwagon Sally for her birthday. Now, how does this relate to a jury trial? It’s really quite simple, just let the jury rescue you when you don’t know the answer. Hope you all have a nice day.


4 Responses to “Chuckwagon Sally’s Birthday”

  1. Karl Mansoor Says:

    Birthday present suggestions:

    1.Large bouquet of flowers in a really nice vase. This is just the appetizer present and it should accompany anything else you give Ms. Chuckwagon Sally.

    2.Take the dogs to a professional photographer and have a portrait taken or have a professional photographer come to the ranch and take a nice picture of all the dogs somewhere special on the ranch. Get a really nice frame for the picture and give that as a present.

    3.Have all the people at the ranch that are near and dear to Ms. Chuckwagon Sally go to the professional photographer and have their picture taken or, like the dog version, have a picture taken at the ranch or whatever special outdoor place is around. Put it in a nice frame and give to Ms. Sally with a card signed by all. Our kids did that for us one Christmas and my wife and I love it.

    4.Make a really nice candlelight dinner for Ms. Sally where everybody else does all the cooking and cleaning up afterwards and she doesn’t have to do a thing. Set the table really nice.

    5.Throw a surprise party with lots of decorations, balloons, and flowers and such. Try to get the guests to wear T-shirts, or hats, or something that says “we love Chuckwagon Sally” or have posters saying such. Take lots of pictures at the party and get the best, or all, framed as soon afterwards as possible. It might create long lasting pleasant memories.

    6.Treat Ms. Sally to a whole day of pampering. Remember to start with the flowers first in a really nice vase. Then fix her a nice breakfast. Take her out somewhere special (if you are slick enough take her to a few stores pretending to just be browsing, see what she likes and on the sly, make the purchase and give it to her later in the day) and when you get back you can fix the nice dinner or have the surprise party waiting.

  2. sean dallas Says:

    what about asking her what she wants?

  3. uberblogger Says:

    perhaps some poseable mannequins?

  4. Big Bro Says:

    Another cat, maybe a big one to eat the dogs!!!!

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