Pickup Trucks and Trials

I notice several new things as I write these thoughts to be sent out into cyberspace. I notice that when I write about topics that have many people looking into certain issues, I get more viewers to this blog. It’s amazing to me, but then again, I suppose that I should make more topics with headers like GM or Chrysler or Ford, etc., to get more views and thus more exposure. I am not certain what this new found knowledge means except that I have chosen to write about pickup trucks and trial today and maybe I’ll get more readers.

Anyway, now the story: Here’s the scene, it’s at the ranch and there are several pickup trucks here. I mean after all, it is a ranch and it is set in Texas, so all this seems logical. I am getting up in the morning to make coffee and work when I notice the cats are running on the roof and in the bed of one of the pickups. I am naturally curious, so I go out to see what’s up. I get there and see nothing special except the cats want to play in this truck for some reason. What’s unusual is that there are 6 kittens playing on the truck not just one or two. I figure that there must be some food in the bed of the truck that attracts them here. I quickly look but I don’t see any food.

Now about this time, I decide to get into the truck with Baby and go and check on some cows that are calving to make sure they’re okay. I get in the truck, start it up and we go off to one of the pastures. I notice Baby is in the back of the cab barking at something that appears to be in the bed of the truck. We get to the pasture, open the gate and go in. All this time, Baby is wanting to get into the bed of the truck for some reason, but I can’t figure out why. We look over the cows, see that they are okay and head back to the main spread.

When we get back to the main spread, I notice Baby is jumping into the bed of the truck for some reason. I go back there and see what the fuss is all about. It seems that one of the kittens was still in the bed of the truck facing off Baby but now has taken the high ground on the roof of the cab. I’d give the round to Baby, but I’m able to get Baby out before any damage is done. I then pick up the kitten and set him down on the ground. Off he goes to his shed, not knowing how close he was to death. I’d also be in big trouble with Chuckwagon Sally if Baby gets one of her kittens, but for the moment I am safe.

Now how does this story have anything at all to do with trial? I’ll tell you, if an attorney doesn’t do proper discovery before trial the results can be deadly for his clients and for him or her. Have a nice day everyone.


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