John Deere Tractor

You can’t live on a ranch and not know what a John Deere is. If you live in the city, I’ll have to explain it to you. On the ranch we feed our cows hay. The hay we feed them is rolled into big round bales that weigh a whole lot and the only way to move them is with a tractor. So you get on the tractor start it up and go to the hay trap where you have the hay stored. You pick up a bale of hay with the hay fork attached either to the front or to the back of the tractor. You then go to the pasture where the cattle are and feed them the hay. Pretty simple right?

Well, not always. It seems that this time of year the cows are pretty hungry and rush the gate when they hear the tractor coming. They know their going to get fed. So usually you have to have someone watch the gate while you drive in to unload the bale of hay. Baby usually does this for me, all I have to say is guard the gate and Baby won’t let any cows out onto the road. Today, Baby is at the main house and I have to feed the cows alone. If I drop the bale of hay over the fence without going into the pasture, the bale of hay will have its wrapping on it and that’s not good for the cows to eat, so I pretty much have to go into the pasture and unload the hay. Before I unload the hay, I cut the wrapping on it and then unload the hay near the cows.

You understand this is quite a problem and I must solve it. But how, you ask? Well it’s quite simple. I know the cows are not going to go on the road if there is nothing to eat, so I open the gates and go in with the hay and the tractor. It’s a miracle, the cows follow me and don’t go on the road. I cut the wrapping on the hay, unload it and turn around and go back out the gate with no cows on the road.

How does that relate to a jury trial? Well, it’s quite simple. Jurors need to be fed the story, just like the cows want the hay. It’s my job as the lawyer to tell the client’s story to them in a manner that they won’t stray onto the road looking for justice when it’s right here in front of them. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.


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