Butterball The Cat

Today, Butterball the feral cat, who lets me pick him up and pet him when I bring him food is the topic of today’s post. You see, all the cats here at the ranch are outdoor cats because of the 3 dogs who got here first and took up residence in the main house. Now Butterball is less than a year old and already has this thing figured out. His main mission in life is to eat, but his true ambition is to torment the dogs, especially Pocahontas. Butterball wants to desperately come live in the house where the food supply is endless and the toughest job is figuring out which window to sun in.

So today I am taking the feed to the shed where the 4 kittens are and Butterball immediately meets me at the ranch house door and escorts me to the final destination. You must understand that Butterball is happy to see me, but I suspect he is even happier to see the food. There is a reason we call him Butterball. Perhaps the real reason he escorts me is if I drop any food, he’d be there to eat it.  I get to the shed and see the other 3 kittens there and put the food down on the table in the shed. Butterball begins feasting on the grub and 2 of his siblings, orange and white kitty and other orange kitty jump up to eat the food. These 2 kitties let me pet them while they are eating, but not really otherwise. The final kitty, gray kitty, won’t usually let me touch her, so I pet the others and then leave to let gray kitty eat.

Now after they eat, Butterball comes to one of the sliding glass doors and takes his perch atop the 4 wheeler parked under the overhang. He can look into the house where he can see all the action inside. It drives the dogs crazy and I believe he knows it. Butterball can see in and the dogs, his mortal enemies, can not get to him. No one said Butterball was stupid, he’s just extremely large for his age. So as Butterball continues to drive the dogs crazy, I notice he is watching and some would say tormenting Pocahontas by his actions.  It’s amazing the intelligence of cats; they seem to know exactly how far they need to be from the fence to make their escape when the dogs come running. Anyway, Butterball has figured out how to torment the dogs endlessly by taunting them on a daily basis, yet always respects their enormous power; hence he is just out of reach of the dogs’ grasp.

His method of action seems to be respond not react. Butterball is constantly in sight of the big dogs, yet able to understand their mighty power. A lot of lawyers could learn from Butterball. Always let your enemy see you respond, not react. I hope your lawyer knows about Butterball. Hope everyone has a nice day, I’m off to court.


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