It’s a Dog’s Life

It never seems to amaze me how wonderfully simple the dog’s life is. I wake up each morning and it seems the only thought on the dogs’ minds is how to get outside to go to the bathroom and chase cats. I wish everyone’s life would be that simple. Imagine if you can, how easy life would be if the only function in life we have is to play all day.  I should think playing would keep us young and kind at heart, but it seems no one has any interest in just old fashioned fun anymore. Everyone seems to be too busy.

I usually wake up each morning and throw on the coffee and then begin work. Now most of what people would call my work may be fun to them, but since it’s my life, I’ll call it work. I’ll usually begin writing in the morning and taking my time reading my countless emails, then I’m off to begin the tremendous job of word processing on my computer. I have many cases to work on and it seems the more I work on a case, the more work it requires. For instance today, I will write several letters to different governmental agencies, then reply to several letters from clients in jail. I’ll draft several mountains of discovery to use in various civil cases and then I’ll destroy more trees by actually printing these documents out and dispersing them to the various opponents.

By the time I’m done with this, it’s time to feed the cattle and then I get to settle down with several good books to read. I usually have at least 3 or 4 books I’m reading at a time, which keeps raising the possibility that I’ll confuse the plots, but that’s for another time. All this time I’m doing this, Baby, Geronimo and Pocahontas are usually sleeping either on the beds, couches or near the fireplace. I’ve noticed that none of these dogs have any particular schedule, i.e., (must be replied to no later than 30 days after receipt of same by mail), or that they never seem to care if they get an email or not. In fact, I can categorically state that these dogs don’t care who wins that “Survivor” show on the boob tube, or who is even elected president. I doubt they even know when to vote, or why we celebrate the 4th of July. You see, every day is like Christmas to them.

I only know after watching them for a period of time, they don’t care if they get a raise; they don’t care about the stock market; they don’t care about who bombed who in whatever foreign country; all they care about is having fun. I suppose however they think they must have a job. I imagine Baby can run the ranch by himself, Geronimo is still learning the ropes and Pocahontas, well, let’s just say she’s sweet.

I notice that when strangers come up the driveway, these dogs go into action immediately. First Baby lets everyone know that there is a vehicle of some sorts at the front gate. I don’t know how he does this, because you can’t see the front gate from the main house, but he always does. Next, Geronimo and Pocahontas join the choir and let all who were uncertain know that something is amiss. I really believe that they feel they must let us know when a stranger is here.

But after the crisis passes, the dogs settle down to a life of playing and sleeping all day. It’s quite a sight all three dogs laying around doing nothing except dreaming about another victorious cat chase or whatever they dream about. All the time while I’m working away at the computer typing word after word, these dogs just keep dreaming and playing. I suppose they’ll never have to worry about strokes, high blood pressure or overhead; they’ll just keep enjoying life.

I suppose that if humans could just take some instruction from them, we would be better fit to carry on life. We wouldn’t have the ailments that these drug companies say we have and we wouldn’t care. We would just have some plan old fashioned fun. Plain and simple, the way life is meant to be lived. It’s the way we practice law up here at the ranch. Plain and simple; human to human. It’s the reason we win so often, because we care and we want all our clients to have justice. Hope you have a nice day, I’m off to kill trees.


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