Elder Statesman Gives a Pep Talk

Now one of the best times here at the ranch is when Elder Statesman comes to visit. It’s not as often as we like, but it’s as often as he can come. Today Elder Statesman arrives to enjoy our company, he says. He doesn’t know it, but we enjoy and treasure his company more than he does ours.

Elder Statesman has been practicing law for as long as I’ve been alive and that’s quite an accomplishment. Elder Statesman has never been in trouble with the bar association and has quite frequently, been in the spotlight both politically and as a lawyer. I just can not say enough about this man. He is what every father / grandfather / friend / adviser / confident / husband / partner / leader / lawyer should be. I hope the young lawyers out there today aspire to be as ethical as he.

Now Elder Statesman shares some advice with me that I want all lawyers to take to heart. It’s how to practice law successfully without getting in trouble.

1. Never lie to the client.

2. Never lie to the court.

3. Never steal from your client.

4. Never fill your client full of crap about the worth of his or her case, and

5. Return your phone calls promptly.

I wonder if your lawyer does this?

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. I’m off to town.


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