A Big Parade in the Country

Here at the ranch, we like to celebrate Thanksgiving a bit different than in the city. Sure the big city has parades and so do we. You might ask, what kind of parade can a country lawyer have, what with the economy and all, but I’ll tell you it’s like no other parade anywhere else.

First of all, you understand the meal must be eaten and friends saluted before any parade can happen. Believe me, the animals here at the ranch always get their Thanksgiving dinner along with everyone else. The cows get extra cubes, the cats get meat gravy and meat and the dogs, well they get just about the same thing as humans do. The only difference is that Chuckwagon Sally usually won’t let them sit at the table with us. I wonder though what will happen with Geronimo this year because of his size. He might just decide that he belongs at the table and sit there anyway much to the dismay of our guests.

So anyway after the meal is eaten and the food begins to digest, we have our parade. It’s the most unusual cast of characters anyone has ever seen. First Baby leads the way exploring different things as we go on the parade route. Now Baby is, after all, the smartest dog in the world and I really don’t think he likes any other dogs on his turf. Baby is always trying to get the other dogs to run off with him and I suppose he thinks that he can lose them, so he again will be top and only dog. The other dogs always follow Baby, but somehow, they always return. I swear I see the look of frustration in Baby’s eyes when those other dogs return to base camp.

Next in line is Geronimo. Geronimo is clumsy but only because he is still young. In about another year or so, watch out. Anyway, Geronimo usually tries and run with Baby, but Baby is faster than him and is always first in the race exploring new smells along the parade route. Pocahontas is usually the last dog along the route and sticks closer to us humans than the others. She is always circling back to check on us, I suppose she must think that’s her job.

As we are going along the parade route, several of the cows fall in and come see us. They are forever vigilant, forever watching the parade of humans and animals. Occasionally, a cow or two will join in the parade and parade marshal Baby will instruct the new participants on the proper route and procedure while being in his parade. That usually works well until First Assistant Geronimo arrives to help parade marshal Baby. This usually results in the scene where it is a real windy Thanksgiving day and the ties holding the balloons break. Well, you can imagine the chaos. Finally, just like the wind calming down; proper instructions are given and the parade continues.

Past the old house we go, Baby in the lead, followed by Geronimo and Pocahontas, some cows and us. An occasional cat or two will join in at a safe distance. Along the parade route, several spectators have gathered to watch. Many momma cows and their calves eagerly await this year’s parade and are seldom disappointed watching it. Past the grove of Pecan trees, the parade continues, along the old dirt road, past the old cotton gin, by the old cabins, and finally back to the main spread. Another successful parade has come and gone.

You see, life is always as you make it, not what some boob tube says you must have to live. It’s amazing to me that this parade happened without one viagra ad or one beer commercial at all. It’s good old fashioned fun,  plain and simple. Sometimes, you need to remember that your life is unique and special, make the most of it. There will never be another you. As a trial attorney, make sure the jury sees your client’s story, not what the government or big insurance says your client’s story is. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’m off to the parade.


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