Chuckwagon Sally’s Thanksgiving Talk to Bigshot

Chuckwagon Sally and her best friend Geronimo are getting ready for Thanksgiving.  Now Chuckwagon is pretty polite in dealing with Big Shot Barney, but while she was pluckin the turkey  and listening to Big Shot running off at the mouth, she finally had enough.  Nobody really messes with Chuchwagon since her best friend Geronimo is a 280 pound English Mastiff.  So, when she starts in on Bigshot, ole Bigshot shuts his mouth for a change and begins listening.  Chuckwagon Sally is sick of hearing about how great of a lawyer ole Bigshot is (knowing that probably everyone else is too). I expect Chuckwagon Sally to let him have it, but instead Chuckwagon starts correlating about how the “innerd’s” of the turkey are about the same as the words coming out of Bigshot’s mouth.

Chuckwagon Sally boldly recites, “Son, you need to sit your ass down and listen for a change.  Do you see what I just pulled out of this turkey? That’s about the same thing that comes out of your mouth.  I’ve been listening to you runnin off at the mouth for about a week now and I’ve had enough.   Nobody is that damn great of a lawyer (or liar as her dad used to refer to them).  You need to learn a little humility and Geronimo and I are here to help.”  Now when I hear those words come out of Chuckwagon’s mouth I know that I need to step in, so I stand in between Chuckwagon Sally and Bigshot Barney. I explain to Bigshot that what Chuckwagon means is that a little humility would be greatly appreciated especially around Thanksgiving.

It seems the entire time I am speaking, Chuckwagon Sally and her best friend Geronimo are staring Bigshot down, so Bigshot finally knew he had better shut up and practice a little humility.  The moral to this story is this; Thanksgiving is not only the time of year to give thanks and be grateful for all that you have, it is also a time to try and practice a little humility.  Many “lawyers” need to remember this lesson. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. I’m off to court.


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