The Local DA

I need to keep introducing the folks up here at the ranch that we do business with or socialize with. Two of the most interesting characters are the local District Attorneys, Life and his first assistant Death. Now you might think that these names are made up, but I’ve never met any individuals whose names more closely tract their beliefs than these 2 folks.

It seems that DA Life is a career district attorney with sights on Judgeship and first assistant Death has her sights on being the district attorney. A more perfect pair there could not be. I recently find out they hire a new DA,, his name is Unreasonable. Imagine that. Anyway, it’s always interesting to deal with these 2, now 3 individuals. These local DAs have never met any individuals that are ever falsely accused or wrongfully arrested. I suspect if we ever build a new courthouse around here, they’ll try and get their names on the building. You know, The Life and Death Injustice Center, or something like that…  Anyway, back to the story. Now sometimes, Life and Death like to tag team defense attorneys, you know beat up on them in trial. It’ll be interesting when they allow Unreasonable to help, but they tend to overkill the situation. I see them charging folks with every possible crime they can, sometimes 2 and 3 crimes out of one incident, when clearly 1 charge would do. I guess their theory is something like this, if we charge folks with as many crimes as we can, those lazy defense attorneys will plead them to at least one of the charges and our conviction rates will go up tremendously. I mean, Officer Neverwrong, another character, arrests these folks, so they must be guilty.

DA Life never dismisses any cases. They try their cases and they prefer to call the jurors stupid when they lose and the jurors smart when they win. I don’t get it. Since I showed up, there are too many stupid jurors in this area according to DA Life. It does no good to tell the DA that they should dismiss the cases or try and suggest other remedies, so it seems we end up in trial a lot around here. Now here is where it gets interesting, it seems that DA Life is trying to show these local and even out of town defense attorneys who the top dog is. DA Life is forever forcing trials on the new faces that drift through here until the new faces learn that DA Life is always right, thus the plea bargains begin in mass. The old faces already know this, as they have been tagged by DA Life and their clients have literally gotten life before.

There’s only one problem though, this country lawyer doesn’t play that game. It’s disgusting and wrong. To bargain with a man’s or woman’s life just to avoid trial is cowardly at best. It’s just plain wrong. There ain’t no other way to say it. You owe your duty to your client, not your own fears.

So what happens when DA Life loses consistently? Well, the offers to me just keep getting better for my clients. Recently, we are in trial and the jury let another innocent man go free again. Nothing disturbs DA Life more than losing, but to lose too many trials to 1 lawyer drives them crazy.  I keep thinking that I’m a marked man, that my streak will end. I know Officer Neverwrong is upset, DA Life, assistants Death and Unreasonable are out there looking for that case that they can never lose against my client. I guess then they’ll show me not to try cases here,, to play along with the good ole boy system. I’ll be made to plea bargain with them and then they can increase their offers and punish my clients, I suppose they say.

Oh well, it’s amazing what motives people have. Maybe it’s their own fears, maybe it’s lack of preparation for trial, maybe it’s ego. I don’t know. I just know those that fail to recognize their own shortcomings are doomed for failure. It all goes back to one thing, the amount of love you have for your client. If you truly love your client and know his or her case and prepare properly, you will always win. Hence our class motto, “the jury will never care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Hope everyone has a wonderful day. I’m off to the jail to visit clients and prepare for trial.


One Response to “The Local DA”

  1. uberblogger Says:

    Now, if we were dealing with fetuses instead of REAL LIVE PEOPLE, the ball would be in their court!

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