So Who’ll Make The Coffee?

When I write each morning, I need coffee and lots of it. Now normally, I don’t get up until around 4:00 A.M. and begin work. I never make decisions at night and you never should either. Those decisions made at night never turn out good. Anyway, back to the story. I’m usually the first one up in the morning and it gives me the opportunity to get in a full day’s work before those phone start ringing and I have to go to court. But in the morning, I need coffee. Now, Chuckwagon Sally usually doesn’t get up as early as I do, except in rare instances and Baby, (the smartest dog of the bunch) doesn’t even like coffee, so he refuses to make it for me. I am stuck with the task of throwing on the coffee.

I usually don’t like to make coffee the night before, because Chuckwagon Sally is always going around turning off the appliances claiming it’ll burn down the main house to leave those darn things plugged in. She may be right, we never question what she says. But I do like my coffee in the morning and usually, I have to make it. Now here’s the problem, Chuckwagon Sally got one of those fancy new coffee pot / brewer / cappuccino / espresso machines. I’m thinking it comes with a can opener / toaster,, etc., attached to it and I don’t know how to even turn it on. Chuckwagon Sally says it was on sale and besides I might even like that real fancy coffee. I say that’s great, but I can’t even turn it on, let alone use it to brew coffee.

I miss my old coffee pot,, it is from a simpler time. It is easy to use and never talks back to me or whistles at me. It only has one button on it. This new machine has more buttons on it than NASA has computers. Well you say, why don’t you read the instructions? I would love to, but the instructions are written in several different languages and I’m pretty darn certain English isn’t one of them.  Even if it is, it would take a year to digest them. I just need to ask my neighbor’s five year old kid if he could set this up for me and show me how to work it.  I’d even pay him $5.00 to do it. I’m pretty certain the kid’s not up at 4:00 A.M. though. So how do I solve this problem you ask? I find my old coffee pot and make coffee with it rather than risk a nuclear meltdown with this new contraption. Problem solved.

So what does that have to do with trials you ask? I’ll tell you, sometimes it is better to stick with the tried and true methods that make you successful as a lawyer and as a person, rather than to try and reinvent yourself into something you’re not. It’s okay to try new flavors of coffee, but I’m not certain it’s okay to try new pots all the time. Hope everyone has a great day, I’m off to court.


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