Where Has Justice Gone?

Where has justice gone? In today’s society, it is seldom the fact that the innocent prevail or that the giant corporations are punished for their wrongs. It’s not supposed to be that way. This is America after all. What happens to those that really are innocent or have been horribly injured by the large corporations after they lose? I can tell you that its not good for those that lose.

Those that lose generally are forgotten in time and the only ones who remember them are their loved ones who occasionally visit them in the pen or who see them on a daily basis struggling to live. It’s not a pretty sight. But, you ask, why did they lose if they are innocent or truly wronged? It is because the lawyers today are not prepared to win. The lawyers today do not know how to fight to win.

When I look at the present court appointed system, I see attorneys who are inexperienced, underpaid and overworked battling prosecutors who have all the necessary resources available to them to win at any cost. Most of the prosecutors say they have a 95% or better conviction rate. It is little wonder, considering the lawyers who they are doing battle against have very few resources and a receive a pittance of pay in return for moving their client along in the system. It seems to many that the only way to get justice in this country is to buy it. I do not necessarily argue against that reasoning. I am concerned each day I go into court and hear the clients tell their lawyers, “I can’t go to trial with a court appointed attorney.” I ask, why not? I mean, do you want to go to trial by yourself? The clients say, “you’re just working for the prosecution” or “you’re just trying to help put me in prison”. I understand why some of the clients feel that way.

I hear lawyers tell their clients “If you don’t take this offer, they will just give you more time” or “if I get you less time, will you take it?” I hear prosecutors say, “I’ll offer you misdemeanor time, if you plead today”. What’s wrong with dismissing the case altogether?

On the civil side, fighting large corporations is just as difficult for the injured. Most lawyers are underfunded, unprepared and likely to be concerned only with making their overhead. I hear lawyers say, “It’s better to take this offer than risk losing and getting nothing.” “If we don’t take this offer, they’ll withdraw it”, the lawyers say. “It could be years before we go to trial at all” or “the large law firms donate to this Judge, so we don’t stand a chance in front of him or her”.

So, you ask again, “where has justice gone?” It is still there, waiting to be had by those who know how to try a case. Soon, if the corporations and government have their way, the right to a jury trial will be a thing of the past. You see a jury trial costs the government or the corporation money and that is the most precious commodity to them. To allow anyone to try and take away from their bottom line or to question the actions of the government should not be allowed, say those in power. Soon, we will have arbitration instead of jury trials. Soon the government will have special courts for first time offenders that do not require or allow a jury trial. I say, if you think the poor or those charged with a crime are getting the short end of the stick now,,, just wait. Who do you suppose will control these new special courts? Who do you think will control these arbitration panels?

Now no one likes to listen to a sermon about the rights of those charged with a crime or those who cause our insurance rates to go up, but, what if you, the reader, just somehow get charged with a crime such as driving under the influence? Wouldn’t you want a jury trial? And what if you were horribly injured by some corporation, wouldn’t you want justice? So how do you get this justice? You make sure those in power never abolish the right to a jury trial,, you never know, you might need one someday.

Anyway, I get on my soapbox a lot today, but I will say this again, justice is there for those that know how to win.  I hope if you ever need a trial lawyer, you will be fortunate enough to get one who cares enough about you to win. I hope your loved ones will get proper representation and that you remember there is justice out there and not just for those who have money. Gosh, I guess today is Sunday and this is your sermon for today. I off to another adventure preparing for trial. Hope you all have a wonderful day.


One Response to “Where Has Justice Gone?”

  1. Google Conquest Says:

    Justice is a word of the past…..

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